Your Full Service Sales Agency:

Multimarket is first and foremost a commercial enterprise focused in serving both our internal clientele (the foreign manufacturer and service provider) and our external customers (the local buyer), facilitating business deals, providing after sales support and promoting mutual satisfaction between suppliers and buyers across the Americas.


We are strategically well situated because we understand the socioeconomic dynamics and corporate cultures at both ends of the bargain. We can thus find the optimal means of translating the needs of each party into a viable and sustainable business relation.


Here are 4 reasons why Multimarket is your one-stop shop for commercial projects in Brazil and South America:


Versatility: With consultancy, distribution and representation services, we act as a complete sales agency for foreign manufacturers selling into Brazil;


Structure: MM has an established commercial, sub-distribution & logistics network including sales partners, warehousing and customs brokers at key locations;


Competence: With a long track-record of interfacing multicultural negotiations, MM offers a full range of business development and sales support services to establish, improve and augment international trade;


Pragmatism: MM focuses on the facilitation of trade in general, offering both perenial and short-term support services, acting to make things happen between manufacturers and their overseas customers, in whichever way works best for all the parts involved.


Our Long-Term Services:

Sales Representation Contract: Promotion of direct sales opportunities, generating sales leads and providing pre and post sale point-of-sale support on behalf of the client. As a sales representative, MM functions primarily on commission-basis for exclusive rights to new and existing markets, working closely with the client’s team.


Master Distribution Contract: Provides your enterprise with an optional sales channel that can tend to local businesses of any size, by sharing the risks involved in managing stock and sales and by making your products available to them locally, at competitive pricing.


Full Business Development Contract: By functioning simultaneously as a sales agency and a distributor, MM can defend your interests and promote your products across the board, be it with large global conglomerates or small local customers, even in the most competitive market segments.

Our On-Demand Services:

Commercial Assessment: Offers our clients a complete study of the market and the potential for our client’s offer in that market, including suggestions for a strategic business model, recommendations and intelligence on competition.


Sector Survey: Offers an appraisal of the market size and general condition, including government policies, practices, price levels, main players, customer habits and SWOT analysis.


Sales Survey: Objective generation of sales leads for our client, with no strings attached, to provide a list with a number of sound potential customers for posterior direct sales contact between manufacturer and customer.


Procurement Service: Will provide a list of potential suppliers of desired items and may include the negotiation of terms and evaluation of cargoes.

Our Executive Support Services:

Assisting Negotiator: Provides the travelling executive with an assessor that will accompany him during negotiations to facilitate communication promote mutual understanding and furnish on-site assessments. MM can further assist with pre and post trip support to the travelling executive to enable him to focus on the core business while we handle all the local preparations. The MM Assistant will schedule meetings, presentations, accommodations and transportation; making all practical arrangements for your business trip to run smoothly.


Interpreter: Provides the travelling executive with a facilitator to accompany him during negotiations to promote ease of communications during presentations and negotiations.

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