Our Mission:

To assist our clientele with every possible effort within our reach to enable them to seek out and venture into opportunities in alien markets, and in doing so, propitiate Multimarket’s own economic sustainability.



Our Vision:

To be equipped to provide our internal clientele with the means to grow economically through our services, whilst providing the end customer with good quality products and services; promoting social responsibility and environmental sustainability in markets and communities where we and our partner companies are inserted.



Our Principles:

With the realization of the interdependency of national economies, we must become conscious of the fact that only sustainable business is truly good business. Thence, Multimarket cherishes ethical business practices, as a means of achieving sustainable commercial relations with all its partners. We feel that a responsible business environment facilitates accomplishments and perpetuates success.



About Multimarket

Multimarket is a vibrant merchant organisation involved primarily with B2B trade in the Americas.


Together, Multimarket’s business development specialists hold decades of in-house proficiency in dealing with different products in different industries and markets. We currently offer premium business development support to foreign and domestic companies, managing and improving sales in dynamic and competitive foreign markets.


Multimarket’s focus is in promoting and selling products and services provided by our client firms, developing opportunities in markets where they don’t have a presence. Today, the heart of our sales efforts is in industrial segments, where we manage key accounts and facilitate the sale and delivery of materials and components manufactured by our client firms.


We boast an excellent track-record for delivering on long-term supply contracts, and we pride ourselves in maintaining lasting commercial relationships in a host of industries, including: Automotive, Transportation, Aerospace, Access Control, Consumer Electronics, Telecom, Healthcare, Food & Beverage, Packaged Goods, Construction, Technology, & Management Consulting.


Moreover, our distinctive work cell structure enables us to function with agility and flexibility. This unique characteristic makes Multimarket an ideal partner to aid your enterprise in gaining traction in challenging markets.


We are lively, creative and serious about nourishing long and sustainable commercial relationships. After all, contributing to your success is what makes us go.


Some of our Illustrious Clients Past & Present

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