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Multimarket is a business development agency focused on B2B relationships. We specialize in helping manufacturers and exporters in identifying and seizing opportunities in market segments and overseas markets where they have no presence.


In this website, you will find everything you need to know about our vibrant company such as our values, our commercial policies and our commitment to providing our partners and our corporate clientele with maximum strategic, sales and logistical support.


For sales agency services, distribution services and business development, feel free to browse through our profile and learn about our ability to help your enterprise climb to new heights in the global community of today. We have extensive experience in assisting small and medium-size enterprises thrive in a world of global corporations.


Venture into new marketplaces and explore new sectors without having to establish a foothold in every continent. Benefit from our expertise and our network to gain traction. Search for new opportunities and discover new horizons.


Multimarket: Bringing Markets Together!

Sales Agency

As a Sales Agency, we serve your interests by procuring and promoting the sale of your products and services where they are most needed, delivering orders and contracts that will be concluded directly by your company, under your terms, with your customers in Canda, USA and Brazil. We operate with exclusivity for the territories/accounts awarded to us, collaborating to increase business.

Business Strategy

As Business Consultants, we can help you assess the market and seek out opportunities available to your enterprise, without the need to establish a long-term business relationship. Whether you are interested in assessing opportunities, establishing a joint-venture, or simply generating an introduction strategy for your products, we can assist you in understanding what's involved.

Business Developers

As Business Developers, we can generate awareness of your brands and help you identify and seize business prospects, generating sales leads in the process. You will give us the parameters of your products & services, and we will deliver on the fostering of bidding opportunities with potential customers, establishing sales channels and helping you in gaining traction.

Executive Support

As Executive Supporters, we can offer on-site support to traveling executives venturing into Brazil, Canada or the USA, to ensure a trouble-free trip. We can help your team prepare their commercial expedition, assisting with schedule arrangements and accompanying them during meetings and appointments, to facilitate communications and to guarantee the grounds for a successful business trip.



Master Distributors

As Distributors, we provide your enterprise with an optional and proven sales channel that can tend to the needs of your large, medium and small customers. As your distribution channel, we share in the risks involved in managing stock and sales, making your products available to your customers, at competitive pricing. In this manner, you - the manufacturer - can focus on your core business of creating goods and products, and we can focus on ours: selling it!



Strategic Presence

Brazil, Canada & the USA are all markets with considerable untapped potential for growth, and Multimarket has a presence in each of these markets, to facilitate the flow of business and the flow of products between players in each country. Whether you want to find a buyer or find a supplier, we are well positioned to help you secure the best-possible deal, and then get it delivered where it needs to go.

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